5 Features to Look for in Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software has come a long way over the years. It's important to look at the latest technology to see how it can help you with running employee payroll.

1. Ease of Clocking In

Your employees should be able to clock in easily. If you can eliminate the standard time cards with a punch clock, this will be beneficial. Online employee clock-ins are a great option to explore, especially if you have employees that work remotely or in multiple locations.

2. Calculating Hours

Many companies spend a lot of hours adding up timesheets. It's a time-consuming process that you can avoid with the right software. Many software programs will add up the hours for you. It will save you time and show you how many hours each employee has worked within a pay period. Additionally, if there are errors, such as an employee forgetting to clock in or out, it will identify this so you don't pay someone for a 24+ hour work shift.

3. Entering Payroll Rules

There may be various payroll rules that you have because of your company, a union, or even the state your employees work. This could have to do with when to apply over time, what holidays get paid at higher rates and much more. When these rules can be applied, it makes it easier to calculate the correct payroll for everyone.

4. Adjusting Hours

You may need to be able to adjust a timesheet periodically. The software you use should allow you to make changes in the payroll records. This might be necessary if someone forgets to clock out or if they failed to record their break when they actually took one. You will then have to adhere to any rules your state has about making adjustments to pay records.

5. Running Reports

You need to be able to run reports occasionally. This should be available by employee, by department, and for the company as a whole. For example, you might want to know how many hours an employee is working per week on average. You might also need to know how many hours a department has to determine if they need more employees. When you can obtain comprehensive reports, it makes it easier to make important decisions.

When you take advantage of reputable software, it makes it easier for employees to record their hours. It also makes it easier for you to calculate the payroll so that there are fewer glitches.