6 Important Characteristics Your Timesheet Software Must Have

Timesheet software helps employers calculate the amount of time their employees spend on tasks. This enables them to calculate their billable hours and get value for money.

1. Ability to Take Screenshots

Your tracking software should be able to take screenshots at random and discreetly. Employees might know that the software has this ability, but they should not know when the screenshots are taken. Your software should be able to upload these screenshots to the server every so often. With efficient software, you can set the intervals to be 5 minutes or 10 minutes depending on your preference. 

2. Ability to Add Departments 

Any small to medium company will have several departments. Your timesheet software should have this functionality as this enables you to track the billable hours in each of the departments. Once you set up the different departments, the software should allow you to add employees who work in different departments. It should also allow for flexibility in case you want to add or remove members. 

3. Ability to Integrate with Other Applications

A quick search on the internet with the keywords ‘timesheet software’ will give you quite a number of tracking software company results. Your preferred software should be able to integrate well in case you need to use more than one software for your tracking needs. If you decide to change software, then you can transfer data from one to the other.

4. Ability to Generate Custom Reports by Department or Employee

Time tracking software is useless if it does not let you generate reports. These reports should be filtered by employee names, departments or even projects. If you have any filter preference be sure to consult with the company before you purchase their software so that you don’t realize later that it is not working for your specific needs. Furthermore, the reports should be downloadable. In some software, reports can even be sent via email to anyone on the contact list.

5. Should Include a Free trial

There are hundreds of time tracking software companies on the internet. You should be able to test the software for a limited period and see whether it works for you before making the decision to purchase it. This will also enable you to see if it is compatible with different operating systems. 

6. Should Be Lightweight

Last but not least, your software application should be lightweight and not overpower employee operating systems. It should be able to run in the background and not affect the rest of the applications. 

If the time tracking software you are eyeing has all of the listed features, go ahead and give it a try. Use the above as a checklist when testing different software.