Are You a Data Security Freak? Here's a List of 4 Most Secure Internet Browsers Ever

With such an enormous amount of data being present all around us, it is really necessary to have a secure browser along with to protect the DNS servers we possess against virus and hacker attacks.  

Before jumping straight to the conclusion that using a particular browser will solve all your security issues, one needs to understand that no browser has 100% security rate. But, yes there are certain security levels that different browsers can provide.

So, till date, the most secure INTERNET browsers ever are as follows:

1. Tor Browser

The recent study suggests that Tor Browser is the most secure because of the use of relay servers that are hidden in the network. This helps them to be protected from surveillance and not losing data to an unknown party. It can be inferred as a modified version of Firefox and has compatibility with Windows, Mac or even Linux PC. 

2. Comodo Dragon

The next that comes in the list is Comodo Dragon. It is categorized into two browsers, one of which is based on chromium and the other is based on Firefox. The chrome one is the 'dragon' and the Firefox one is called as the 'ice dragon'. It is based on the compatibility of the chrome and Firefox browser currently installed by the user.

3. Doodle

Going down in the list, Dooble is the one which is worth considering. It is compatible with multiple platforms like windows, Linux, and OS X. In the default feature of this browser, it is programmed to disable interfaces such as flash, JavaScript, etc. This provides added layers of protection from surveillance. But, this will also mean that the user will have limited access to different websites. This is because, one way or the other, one has to prioritize their needs.  

4. Epic Privacy Browser

Also notable is the EPIC PRIVACY BROSWER. Built on Chromium engineered to protect users' privacy, and offers always-on private browsing mode, blocks hundreds of tracking companies.

Then, there comes, Maxthon Cloud browser, Cocoon browsing, Avira scout,  and a lot of others which promise to fulfill various requirements and protect your DNS servers at the same time. What needs to be kept in mind is that there can be many browsers, but the ease of use, security and data redundancy factors must be kept in mind while selecting one.