Four Reasons Why Your Employees Will Love Time Tracking Software

Many employers are interested in moving away from a paper or manual timesheet system and using a time tracking software program to automate the process. Businesses can enjoy numerous benefits through the use of this type of software program, such as the ability to efficiently calculate hours worked for each pay period, the possibility of eliminating intentional or unintentional time theft and more. Before you make any serious changes that will affect your employees, you need to understand how your planned changes will impact your employees. The reality is that many employees will love the benefits that this new software program can provide. These are some of the many benefits they will enjoy. 

1. Improving Efficiency

It does not take too much effort for an employee to write down the hour and minute of their arrival and departure each day. Many employees will take lunch breaks and leave the office for other reasons from time to time. At the end of a pay period, a typical employee may have dozens of in and out entries that need to be analyzed and calculated. Your managers or accounting team may also have to verify each timesheet. You can imagine how much they will all appreciate the elimination of this tedious task from their work week. 

2. Reducing Stress

Some employees feel stress related to their hours worked. This may be because they are afraid that they wrote down the wrong information. Some may have forgotten to write it down when they arrived, and they may have made an estimation. The stress of having someone confront them about their approximation or estimate may be intense. It is also common for employees to stress about making miscalculations when analyzing their hours at the end of a pay period. An error may work against them and result in lower paycheck. An error against the company that was unintentional may potentially be viewed as an intentional form of theft. 

3. Eliminating Mundane Activities

Tracking hours and minutes is understandably a mundane activity that you can entirely eliminate from your team’s workday. You can also eliminate the need to calculate hours, track potential overtime and more. Automation could even allow your accounting team to input the data directly into their payroll processing system. By eliminating mundane activities, you can improve employee morale and productivity. 

4. Tracking Hours Worked in Real-Time

Some companies do not allow overtime. When employees enter the overtime area, they may be reprimanded for not monitoring their hours more closely. Some automated software programs let employees see their hours worked in real-time. In some cases, they may also alert management when employees are approaching overtime hours so that adjustments to the schedule can be made. 

This type of automation may be seen primarily as an advantage to business owners and managers. However, you can see that employees also may love the use of automation software for different reasons as well. Spend a few minutes reviewing some of the programs available today.