Four Things to Look for When Buying Time Tracking Software

Some businesses continue to use the old-fashioned employee attendance strategies, such as using a handwritten timesheet or a punch card system. However, technological innovations have evolved, and there are now more efficient and advantageous alternatives to a traditional timesheet system. When you look for a new employee time tracking software program to use in your business, look for some of these features and functions that can take your experience to new levels.

1. Easy Employee Clock-In Features

The method that is used for your employees to clock-in and to clock-out can vary. Some systems, for example, simply require the employee to punch in a numerical code when arriving at or leaving work. However, some employees abuse this system by asking other employees to enter their number so that they can arrive late or leave early. This problem is a form of theft, and it can increase overhead unnecessarily. More advanced time tracking software programs use biometrics, such as a retinal scan or a fingerprint. This ensures that the actual employee is present.

2. Managerial Analysis Tools

If you are shopping for a new software program to use for this important purpose, look for a program that has managerial analysis tools. For example, through the program, you may be able to see which employees may be close to reaching overtime hours and should therefore be asked to leave work early. These tools can save you a substantial amount of time and can help you to control overhead.

3. Absence or Tardiness Alerts

If you manage a large workforce, it can be difficult to properly monitor absences and tardiness. However, some of these software programs can send you an alert when an employee does not show up for a scheduled shift or when the employee is late. You may also be able to analyze this data to determine if an employee has an attendance issue. Furthermore, the program may track this information so that you can take appropriate action for a severe issue.

4. Report Generation Features

It is not enough to simply analyze data on a computer screen. You may also need to print out reports or save them to your computer as part of the documentation in your employment files. Some software programs have exceptional report generation features that make it easy to customize reports specifically to fit your needs. 

As you can see, the right timesheet and tracking software program can benefit your business in numerous ways. From cutting down on employees’ abuse of the clock-in and clock-out system to helping you improve employee management and keep overhead down. As you explore features in these varied software programs, look for a time management program that has the features that can truly benefit your unique business.