Securing Your Business with IP Address Management Software
The Internet Protocol (IP) address is one of the most crucial parts of a business’ network, whether large or small. Thanks to great technological innovation strides, more devices and applications that need IP addresses for network connection have emerged. Additionally, the overwhelming numbers of connected devices have led to the growing popularity and need of ip address management software.

In the past, most businesses operated without proper management of their IP addresses. Today, however, overlooking its importance is akin to courting disaster. Each device and application connected to a network relies on IP and needs an assigned address. With the entry of new services such as mobile networks, the increased assignment of IP addresses comes with a big challenge in their management. There is, therefore, a need for not only a stronger allocation and classification, but also tracking of IP addresses.

Real Time Access

For efficient performance in their work, network administrators and network security officers need to have live viewing of IP Address Management data. They should be able to get information on the operating IP addresses, the assigned devices and their users. This enables them to detect any potential breach of security or abuse of the network by either internal or external users. Moreover, with the deployment of network access control systems, IP addresses are important in enabling as well as monitoring of policy enforcements by ensuring that the operating system as well as anti-virus software is updated before allowing the assignment of an IP address and allowing it to get connected to the network.

Regulatory Compliance

Management of IP addresses operating under a particular network eases the burden of compliance to the industry’s regulations. Keep in mind that some regulatory authorities have strict rules in IP address management. To show dedication to compliance, you may be asked to show which users were given leases for a specific IP address for a particular duration. Armed with ip address management software, you will effortlessly and quickly produce the required information.

Remote Availability

With ip address management software, networks can be managed from anywhere, at any time. The process involves a dedicated database located at a central site connected to DHCP and DNS servers in different remote sites. While configurations of the servers and reports of address management are conducted at the central location, the servers in remote sites communicate with them through agents, thus exchanging configurations as well as DHCP and DNS data.


One of the best features of ip address management software is their customization capabilities. This means that they can easily be integrated with other business applications including CRM and ERP. In addition, they can handle a tremendous number of addresses. However, the benefits come with some costs, including investment in proper infrastructure and skills.